The Most Anticipated Graphic Design Trends For 2022


While it does not reject conventional aesthetics in favor of disorderly anarchy (as young groups like anti-design do), it is nonetheless much more of a showoff for culture than minimalism. When taken too far, the fashion can appear as snobbish and pretentious, much like Frasier himself. However, Frasurbane can, when appropriately used, capture a measured maturity. Although graphic design will always be important, it is constantly evolving. The trends of the future are often predicted to resemble our past and present. However, there are also many every-changing factors in terms of technology that can lead to new shapes, colors, and forms.

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  • After getting to know the trends, you can incorporate what fits into your designs.
  • While pastel colors are still our favourite, candy color schemes can be a great choice if you want to make a statement and spread more positivity.
  • Foster a cozy Scandinavian mood in your projects with these free hygge color palettes, perfect for intimate winter designs.
  • When used on design compositions, asymmetric layouts illicit reactions from viewers.
  • And by then, the trend might have already flown miles away with other new things in place.

You can make use of videos or images to boost audience engagement. Besides, hand-drawn illustrations create a unique brand identity that defies the norms of overly polished images. While open compositions seem like they are leaving some elements out, isometric illustrations are the direct opposite. Isometric design is creative, visual storytelling that involves creating an elaborate universe on a miniature landscape. What happens is that designers generate 3D objects in 2D to create ostensibly technical yet simplified drawings. In combination with sustainable materials, this graphic design trend will be a very good choice for eco-friendly, natural, and healthy products.

But, using old-school fonts, natural textures, and warm tones can also look very good on product packaging. This trend features a variety of surprising colors, captivating settings, and whimsical characters. We saw a shift in this trend in 2021, and we expect a return to classic and traditional font choices for 2022.

For these reasons, the idea of using motion graphics and text in video creation may not be far-fetched. In fact, many businesses have started following the trend by populating their social media accounts with text-heavy videos. Projects include user content, product explainers and even routine announcements.

Perhaps the pandemic has driven people to crave consistency, or maybe this is simply the next iteration of the organic design trend. Either way, simplicity can be a breath of fresh air in an overcomplicated world. Modern designers experiment many times and invent new ways to make the design as special as possible. Monochrome effects are one of the discoveries that are not of great value, but are reflected in the results. As a derivation of a two-color trend of 2017, monochrome effects are becoming increasingly popular among graphic designers.

Many world-class brands have upgraded their logos to be more suitable in the modern age, they have become more flatten to make them more flexible for smaller digital uses as well. Flat design is coming back into this year’s graphic design trends and will be used even more than ever before. As a whole, 2022’s graphic design trends may seem quite random. From anti-design and parametric patterns to candy colors and extreme bubble doodles, what they all have in common is a giant 90s flashback.

Brand Designer

Our team of passionately helpful designers, illustrators, and motion graphic artists worldwide are savoring the freedom of the year’s top trends that are influenced by retro aesthetics. Still, you can be confident that our creativity is focused on your business and outcomes. Anti-design and frasurbane, grunge and escapism, doodling, and parametric patterns. Without any enjoyment, a graphic designer’s work is incomplete.

graphic design trends 2022

As things stand, realism + flat design is ideally perfect for fashion websites and editorial photography. Open compositions render a sense of infinity to the creation, leaving viewers to wonder what else is there. Furthermore, what’s intriguing is that open composition gives viewers an illusional glimpse of a whole world off the picture. These stunning designs nudge the viewer’s curiosity with aspects that feel like they are extending offscreen. This way, viewers feel as though they are watching just a small piece of a bigger, beautiful picture, putting their imagination to work.

Trend 2: Going Back To The 1990s

Brands like Nike have mastered the art of combining color and creativity while ditching superfluous flair of unnecessary elements to deliver eye-catching visuals. Their designs have carefully treaded the fine lines between complexity and dullness, without breaking the main principles of modern minimalism. Our list of inspiring graphic design trends for 2022 will help you direct your thoughts to certain popular directions. Crypto art has attracted a lot of attention over the last few years, and with some people spending millions on memes, now might be a good time to explore the NFT trend.

graphic design trends 2022

For more design tips and trends, check out these top Procreate Ideas for 2022, or these 8 Expert Tips to Boost Your Career as a Freelance Graphic Designer. Embracing dreamy gradients with open arms, designer Daria Suslova has opted for a wavy, hazy approach across WAV’s branding and social media content. The result is calming and laidback, with a sunrise-to-sunset color palette. This next design trend is all about rejecting simplicity and embracing excess. Drawing a lot from Antidesign, maximalism over-saturates the senses with bold color combinations, contrasting patterns, layered images and repeated motifs. Over the next year, we expect maximalism to further dial up the quirkiness and color factor.

In recent years, we’ve seen a few graphic design trends rise to the top. If you’re looking to stay ahead of the curve in the world of branding design, it’s important to know which trends are on the rise and which ones you should avoid. These art deco styles are very illustrative from the vintage style to modernism. This trend is used within decades and is relevant to today’s trends.

This is an intriguing graphic design trend with several layers to explore, as futuristic technology meets old-fashioned design aesthetics. However, by combining user-friendly and visually appealing elements, this graphic design trend can speed up research and data processing, while serving as a powerful communication tool. As you can see, the dynamics of graphic design are constantly changing. The visual hierarchy, as well as the design layout techniques, are evolving to meet the needs of the modern consumer and viewers. Even more, the logic of displaying visual elements is unfolding as designers strive to optimize the user experience.

Pop Art

As things stand, there are hints of open composition in web design since its suitable for interactive digital experiences. Besides, adding 3D design to your AR and VR experience can Web Design Trends be a game-changer, especially if you need to convince customers to buy. As it is inspired by record covers and 70s magazine layouts, it translates very well to editorial features.

All that is moving is exciting and at the same time intriguing to create something even better. Grunge, distortion, dirt is not a phenomenon, but a new reality that needs some attention. Not all designs have a connection to this style, but if you decide to use it with a combination of some elements you may benefit. It will be exciting to see how this global community of designers will come together in 2022 to create incredible designs (just don’t try to master them all at once!). As part of the designs of 2022, parametric patterns represent the complexity of the subjects they represent, from communication to identity. In the futuristic urban setting of cyberpunk, advanced science and technology are depicted.

Playful Typography

When most people think about Cyberpunk, they imagine extremely tall skyscrapers, flashing neon lights, a futuristic color palette, and dystopian settings. A bold font ensures your branding and design assets stand out from the crowd and also helps to inject some individuality into your designs. Examples of these include medieval crests, symbols of divinity and other classic visuals.

It won’t be long before other players get wind of the benefits of using muted colors in graphic design, and start a new design trend. But, with that said, there is nothing wrong with checking the graphic design trends for 2022. This will give you an idea of what’s especially popular these days.

graphic design trends 2022

Moreover, some of the notable brands that are riding the wave include Apple and Facebook. Not long ago, these tech giants adopted a dual-color scheme to make their apps useful in all situations. With reputable brands like Facebook and Apple in the fore, we can be certain that other companies will follow suit. There are plenty of free stock images online, but only a few can pique the interest of a website visitor. Whether they are used on a website, in an app, or design composition, asymmetrical layouts nudge the viewer’s curiosity. As a result, they are best on platforms where high user engagement is need.

Simple Visualization

This blog post will give a brief overview of how technology has affected graphic design with regards to today’s day and age. The peculiarity of most of these designs is the very bright colors, such as when from various intoxicants appear in the minds of these artists. This style is great for painters where the brush can be used to express your feelings. An abstract psychedelic design is a technique of graphic design that originates from drug use and social unrest. Artists used to consider this art style an opening of minds, hence a gap with traditional art.

They grab the viewers’ attention and invoke inherent interest as they examine the design illustration or page. With the eclectic shift, designers can display hand-drawn designs in digital formats using products such as the Adobe Suite. What you should know, however, is that combining real-life objects with flat designs is not a walk in the park. It is an intricate form of art that demands creativity and mastery of the highest caliber. Besides, if thinking outside the box is a tall order for you, then there is no catching up with this trend.

Top 10 Graphic Design Trends To Inspire Your Work In 2022

If you’re not sure which team you’re on, go read our minimalism vs maximalism blog to experience these two divisive design styles battle it out. Take a look at this collection of illustrations by Hortus Fabulares. Leaving very little room for white space, these dense designs are bursting with dramatic detail – from astrological maps to fractured statues emerging from mountainous landscapes. Simply choose your font, customize your colors, and introduce 3D typography into your work in a matter of clicks.

All of these trends, except for one, are dark, depressing, and geared toward confused youth. Missed the mark in a lot of ways and a very UN-thorough treatment of the subject. The 99designs team is a rag-tag group of color-loving, creativity-celebrating, typography-appreciating, idea enthusiasts. In many ways, it approaches cyberpunk, but it is much more bright and innocently nostalgic instead of dark, neon and sleek.

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